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LUXAVO are registered expert installers of Philips Dynalite. We make it easier to manage your home and your lifestyle. Our home automation solutions give you complete control over all the technology in your home – from lighting, security, heating, cooling, audio, home theater and blinds – with the touch of a button. Better still, LUXAVO can customize a system that complements your lifestyle.

Enhance the way you live. With our clever home control solutions, we can help you live smarter by creating a more comfortable, enjoyable, convenient and safe living environment, with customized technology that controls

your environment.

Let LUXAVO show you how Philips Dynamite you can save energy, reduce costs adjust ambiance, personalize spaces and integrate with other systems.

LUXAVO can set the mood of your bedroom lighting with Philips Dynalite. Talk to us about automatin your bedroom from TV, shades and lighting.
LUXAVO can set the mood of your bedroom lighting with Philips Dynalite. Talk to us about automatin your bedroom from TV, shades and lighting.
Luxavo are Philip Dynalite dealers. Talk to us about changing how you light your kitchen and home with mood lighting, security lighting and much much more.
LUXAVO are leading instalers of Philips Dynalite intelligent lighting systems. Change the mood ofyou home with the touch of a button.
Luxavo are Ireland's leading installers of Philips Dynalite. Talk to our specialists today about smart lighting, mood lighting and security lighting.

Run your home more efficiently by turning off equipment and lighting when not in use.

Save energy around your home with zoned heating and automatic curtains and blinds.

Use energy-efficient lighting, when and where it’s needed.

Cut utility bills by eliminating unnecessary heating and cooling.

More than just on/off lighting control. Dynalite control allows you to create and recall different lighting scenes to suit your mood and the occasion.

Revolutionise the way you listen to music, watch movies and entertain. Control the mood, and aesthetic appeal of your home, whether it’s for a dinner party, a movie night or a quiet night in.

Create an atmosphere of luxury, comfort and style. Customize your environment to match your needs and moods.

Enhance user comfort, productivity, and safety.

Set your home to work with your schedule by programming daily routines such as turning on the heating, switching off lights at night or locking the doors at bedtime.

For complete automation, a range of sensors and timeclock functions allows your home to respond the way you want by simply walking into a room.

Multi-room audio integration lets you play music at the touch of a button.

You can integrate your Dynalite system with third-party devices such as blinds, audio-visual systems, heating and cooling. This means you can control your spaces at the touch of a button.

In apartments and multi-dwelling residences, your Dynalite system can integrate with BMS.

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