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Luxavo Smart Home Automation

Intelligent integrated

building system specialists

Luxavo are an award-winning, leader in intelligent and integrated building systems. We are the designers, programmers, engineers and consultants of smart technology and automation throughout our process of each of our projects.

With over 30 years’ experience working on large scale, high-profile fit-outs, we operate across a wide array of markets, including the likes of corporate enterprise, hospitality, retail and government buildings.


From start to finish, our process is clear and meticulous, which allows us to create a client specific, enlightened plan. We can not only help in turning your requirements into a reality but given our experience and the intelligence of Luxavo’s system we are able to advise and provide ideas for different aspects that you may not even imagine are plausible.


We are accredited experts, that get involved at any stage in the planning process, and can collaborate with key players, such as quantity surveyors, architects, interior designers, mechanical and electrical engineers. 


Whether it be security, lighting, shading, temperature controls or AV innovations, our technology can play an integral role in the daily processes of any building and organisation. Our systems also reduce the inevitability of human errors in a busy commercial environment. It is the silent assistant in a business, thinking the way you do and adapting to individual preferences. 



Our expertise not only encompasses the functionality of intelligent technologies, but also includes our understanding of how these technologies can be utilised to maximise their potential and have a positive influence on any area of a building.

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