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Buying a new home that already has an integrated control system installed can be an exciting prospect for homeowners looking to enhance their living experience. These advanced systems offer a seamless way to manage various aspects of the house, from lighting and climate control to entertainment and security. The integration of smart technologies can significantly improve comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency, making it an appealing feature for modern homeowners.

Control4 and Crestron are two prominent names in the home automation industry, known for their sophisticated and reliable systems. Control4 offers a user-friendly interface that allows homeowners to control all connected devices from a single platform. Through their intuitive app, users can adjust lighting levels, set room temperatures, manage home entertainment systems, and even monitor security cameras remotely. Control4 is renowned for its compatibility with numerous third-party devices, ensuring a wide range of options to suit individual preferences and needs.

On the other hand, Crestron is a comprehensive home automation solution offering unparalleled customization and integration possibilities. Crestron excels in centralized control, enabling users to manage multiple systems with intricate automation scenarios. Whether it's integrating audio-visual equipment, managing lighting scenes, or regulating HVAC systems, Crestron provides a seamless, sophisticated, and elegant solution.

When purchasing a new home with an integrated Control4 or Crestron system, it's essential for prospective buyers to consider the system's features, capabilities, and maintenance requirements. A well-designed and professionally installed system can add significant value to the property, simplifying everyday tasks and enhancing the overall living experience. However, buyers should also ensure that the system aligns with their preferences and needs, as customization possibilities may vary between different installations.

Furthermore, it's crucial to inquire about the age and condition of the integrated control system. Technology evolves rapidly, and older systems might not be as up-to-date or compatible with the latest smart devices and standards. In such cases, an upgrade or system overhaul might be necessary to fully enjoy the benefits of home automation.


If you’re in contact with the previous owner, here are the steps to transfer the system.

1. Have the original homeowner log into their Customer account

2. Navigate to subscriptions and ensure that the subscription won’t auto-renew. (so they don’t get charged!)

3. Update profile to new owner’s email address under Account Profiles.

4. As the new owner, you should receive a “Welcome” email, directing you to log into the account. Remember to reset the password!

5. Discuss any equipment that won’t be staying in the home, such as cable, internet provider boxes, or satellites.

If you’re not in contact with the previous owner:


Talk to Smart Home Professional

The Luxavo Team is on hand to answer all your questions regarding your new Smart Home System. We'll be happy to guide and advise. You can contact us today or schedule a Service Callout:

Luxavo Email: or Phone: (01) 908 1202 or (042) 942 0261

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