5 Key Questions to Ask Your Smart Home Installer

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

5 Key Questions to Ask Your Smart Home Installer Before You Install an Integrated Control System

It can take some time to fully investigate, but having researched your available options from some of the leading smart home brands, you’ve finally decided on a specific home automation system to suit you.

Now there’s just one crucial question left to answer: Which home automation installer will you work with to supply, install, and ultimately maintain that system?

Clearly this isn’t the kind of decision you should take lightly. When investing in an integrated smart home, you’ll want every last detail to be meticulous and the installation should be completed to perfection. You’ll need an installer who combines expert know-how of the latest systems with exceptional quality service.

There’s just one problem: At first glance, every installer you meet seems to promise you just that. How do you determine which one is truly best suited to work with? Easy – Spend some time getting to know each smart home installer by asking them these five important questions:


CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) is the globally recognised trade association for those who create and install smart home technology. That includes Control4, Crestron and various other home automation specialists.

Not every company out there can boast CEDIA accreditation. To become approved, members must consistently prove that they meet strict high standards of customer service, quality workmanship, and cost-effective solutions. Naturally then, it pays to ask your potential dealer if they’re accredited by CEDIA. If they are not, you may want to consider finding one that is.

Is your professional Smart Home Installer a CEDIA Member?

If they are, that means you can rely on them to not only do a good job, but to do it on time, provide excellent service throughout the installation and, of course, do all of this without adding huge numbers to the cost of your smart home installation.


Before you take on a Smart Home installer to integrate a control system in your home, make sure to ask to see case studies of past projects and testimonials from previous clients to get a clear idea of the quality you can expect.

Case studies can also provide another huge benefit in the form of inspiration and ideas, which is particularly helpful if you’re not entirely sure on exactly what kind of home automation system you want. Or visiting your integrators showrooms may also be beneficial to help you get the creative juices flowing.

See first hand previous installations by your chosen Smart Home Installer


Any leading home automation specialist will offer you a custom designed system tailored to meet the exact needs of you, your family, your home and your lifestyle. As such, custom designed control system costs are likely to vary from client to client. That said, there are some things you should check with your installer about before signing anything.

Make sure you are 100% happy.

No hidden charges Always ask whether the price quoted includes absolutely everything, from the cost of the individual products themselves to installation and commissioning charges and any post-installation support you’ve agreed to. Finding surprises on your final invoice can really take the shine out of getting that brand new system installed, so make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s!

Best Price Guarantee Remember, as with most things in life, ‘cheap’ is not something to be aspired to. Instead, your integrated control system costs should represent value for money at a price that matches your budget. If they’re too low, ask your dealer how they can afford to charge much less than their competitors. If they’re too high, nobody could blame you for asking for a better deal.


What happens if you already have a home entertainment system installed in your property and now want to set that up to be powered by your chosen control system? Or if you’re planning to integrate intelligent lighting control into your home at some point in the future?

Before you start your project then, ask whether your dealer has the expertise and experience integrating other consumer electronic products and brands into your specifically chosen system. They should be able to not only install your control system, but also integrate all of your favourite devices so that you can enjoy one complete, bespoke system.


With the perfect combination of a quality installation and world-class leading technology, like Control4 or Crestron, your system should function flawlessly long after it has been installed in your home. Yet there are times when unexpected problems do occur, or when you may need a little help making the most of your system.

That’s why it pays to ask your installer if they offer after-sales care and support packages, and of course, how much they cost. By investing in long-term support, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that no matter what happens, your new integrated control system is always in safe hands.

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