Come home to the ultimate in smart home living

The dream of the ultimate smart home is a unique one for everyone.

At LUXAVO we strive to make that dream a reality as we work closely with our clients to custom design an integrated control system to suit their specific lifestyle. With Crestron technology LUXAVO can deliver that dream with ease.

A LUXAVO system design consultant will guide you through the possibilities.

Live that dream with LUXAVO & Crestron

Lets take a look at the many features and benefits of Crestron control:

Make your perfect days and nights effortless.

Only Crestron custom designs and builds your smart home to blend into the fabric of your life to make your perfect days and nights effortless. It's invisible comfort and convenience that reveals your home's true potential, and clearly states you settle for nothing but the very best.

Imagine the start of your perfect day.........

With the touch of a button or a single voice command, your bedroom lights gradually illuminate and the beautiful custom Crestron motorized shades silently open. They let in just the right amount of natural light to gently ease you into the day.

Awaken to the perfect day

As you step into the pre-heated bathroom your favourite streaming music station turns on. In a home where all the technology is seamlessly integrated and commanded by one-touch or your voice, everything works harmoniously to your specific predefined need.

Activate the "Breakfast" scene and the kitchen lights turn up, the blinds rise, and your favourite radio station news show comes on.

As you pull out of the driveway tap the "Away" scene in the Crestron app on your phone. All at once, the garage door closes, all lights in the house turn off, the temperature and shades are lowered, and all door locks are secured.

At work or away you can tap into your Crestron app to open the electric gates when the courier delivers a parcel, to answer the front door bell and to check your CCTV camera.

Set the scene for a relaxing dinner ...

Set the perfect ambiance - lights, shades, and music - with a single tap of the "Dinner" scene button. With Crestron there's never any delay - everything adjusts instantly. All that's left to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy your meal.

LUXAVO & Crestron - Smart Home Solutions

Security - When you have complete control you have complete peace of mind

The true power of Crestron is revealed in the feeling you get when your home is totally safe and secure at the end of the day, and control of everything is a simple button press away. It's a feeling that only a fully customized, fully integrated Crestron smart home, backed by renowned Crestron reliability, performance, and support can deliver.

Nighttime is the right time to kick back

And what better place to do that than in your private retreat - your homecinema. With one button tap or voice command, Crestron immerses you in a movie experience that looks, feels, and sounds like a world premier. Looking for more action? High-adrenaline gaming or exhilarating sports is also on tap - even watch four football games at once.

At the end of a long day.....

Settle into the comfort of your bed and let Crestron take care of preparing your home for the night. Just tap or say "Goodnight" and let all your stress melt away.

Lights turn off throughout your home and the nightlights in the kids' rooms adjust for sleep time.

Your security settings are activated automatically; all your Crestron motorized shades are drawn; and the temperature is set back - all without getting out of bed.

LUXAVO & Crestron - the ultimate in security and control as you sleep

Your imagination is the only limitation

Smart homes come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and preferences. There's virtually nothing you can imagine that can't be made a reality in your dream home.


There is a simple reason why LUXAVO use Crestron as a platform for their systems. Crestron is the undisputed leader of the home automation industry. Using Crestron technology allows Luxavo to deliver the best user experience by far. Crestron is the one and only company that designs, manufactures and supports the full spectrum of home automation products and solutions to ensure unparalleled performance and reliability for you and your family. 

A LUXAVO Home Automation Design using Crestron technology provides an amazingly personalised and worry-free system that is easy to use, easy to modify and upgrade, and easy to maintain. Systems that mix and match many different technologies from many different companies are prone to inconsistent and unreliable performance. What truly elevates Crestron systems above every other brand is that there are absolutely no weak points anywhere. 

LUXAVO with Crestron will provide you with the best user experience possible, including: 

Lighting control 

  • Motorised shades inc. blinds and curtains​

  • Whole-home audio 

  • ​Home theatre and video distribution 

  • ​Touch screens and remotes

  • Mobile control 

  • ​Thermostats and sensors

  • Security 

And much more...


Why not make an appointment with a LUXAVO system design consultant today.

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