When you take on a new build or renovation project it helps to first have a good idea of how you’d like your house to look and perform. Your vision will serve as the roadmap to success, but what happens when your vision is out of focus? What should you do if you’re not completely sure what you want the final outcome to be?


Uncertainty is a common obstacle many people face when deciding to add technology to their home. Is it best to focus on a home security or should lighting control be part of the game plan? What about whole-house music or home cinema? Of course you don’t want to invest in technology that’ll be outdated a month after you put it in. How can you be sure that your system will be fresh and relevant years from now? With so many options and possibilities available, you might decide that it’s better to do nothing than to do something that might be a mistake. Don’t let this happen! There are plenty of places you can visit that will inspire you with creative and practical ways to smarten up your home.


One of the best places to gather inspiration is at the showroom of AV integrator. Incorporated into many showrooms are working examples of home technology, which have been made to look and function just like spaces in your own home. This will help you focus your mind on what you want to achieve in terms of integrated control and intelligent automation. It will help paint a vivid and realistic picture of what it’s like to live with and benefit from home automation. Be sure to take them for a test drive—press buttons and watch carefully to how the room environment changes as the systems do their work. Also gauge how well the technology has been fused into the design of the space so you can see how the technology will blend into the design and architecture of your own home.


Looking for more ideas? A virtual visit to fully completed high-tech homes is possible with the point and a click of your computer mouse. Explore photographs of automated homes, read interesting case studies, engage in online forums and walk away from your computer with a clearer understanding of what types of systems would make the most sense for your home and lifestyle.


Once you see home automation in action, you might discover that you want “everything.” Unfortunately, having everything comes at a cost, and that cost might be too lofty for your pocket, at least right now. Chin up, though. There’s a way to get everything you want without undermining your budget. Different control systems like Control4 and Crestron will offer homeowners the opportunity to start with just a few amenities now and add more later as their needs dictate and their budgets allow. An integrated control system is designed to make updating easy and affordable. It’s a smart way to smarten up your house.


At LUXAVO, our integrators are educated and skilled at the practice of designing and installing reliable, robust electronic systems into homes. Our team of system design consultants know exactly how to create a system that’ll do everything you want it to do, and that is customised precisely to your needs and personal preferences. It’s completely fine to take a hands-off approach during this step, but if you’d like to take a more active role, the software that runs a LUXAVO system can be set up partially by a homeowner. This feature is particularly helpful after your system has been installed. You’ll be able to make minor changes to your system’s automation routines on a whim, ensuring that it’s always working the way you want it to.

If you are interested in learning more about the added convenience, luxury and energy savings a LUXAVO integrated control system can deliver then why not email us your plans and one of our team will contact you to discuss a tailor-made solution that suits your lifestyle, and your pocket.

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