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Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Crestron - Seamlessly blending the old and the new


One of Montreal’s most historic landmarks, Lord George Stephen’s House is a mansion located in what was the heart of the Golden Square Mile. Originally the home of Lord George Stephen, the property was acquired by a real estate developer in 2006 and subsequently converted from a private gentleman’s club to the Le Mount Stephen Hotel, a 5-star luxury boutique hotel. The massive renovation introduced a stunning 11-story addition that embodies classic elegance harmoniously combined with ultra-contemporary living. In 2017, the hotel was finally unveiled, displaying the intricate details designers included to seamlessly blend the old and the new and create a vacation spot filled with character and contemporary functionality, all powered by Crestron.

The Challenge

During the renovation, hotel management worked diligently with their systems integrator to develop a plan that would artistically maintain the rich history of the property while creating a state-of-the-art hotel that would stand out from competing hotels. It was imperative to subtly incorporate the most cutting-edge technology throughout the facility to help streamline the day-to-day operations and thereby ensure a superior guest experience.

The Space

To ensure that every guest has the opportunity to take in the beautiful architecture that was conserved during the renovation, the designers made the original Lord George Stephen’s House the main entrance to the hotel. The technology, décor, and preservation of the home is the perfect balance between classic and modern elements, offering everyone who enters an elegant and memorable experience. The new section of the hotel features a variety of spacious rooms, restaurant, bar, ballroom, and more, all driven by Crestron solutions that work together to provide guests with an unforgettable and elegant experience.

Multiple Crestron keypads installed throughout each room

The Technology

To provide the most luxurious experience, each room is fully powered by Crestron technology. Everything guests might need is available at the touch of a button. Upon checking into the room, the shades automatically open and the lights are turned on, triggered by the occupancy sensor located in the room creating a “welcome” effect. The system also provides guests with the ability to customize the lighting, temperature, and shades settings using the wall-mounted Crestron touch screen. The interface is bi-lingual (French and English) and highly intuitive, so it eliminates any learning curve and allows guests of all ages to immediately take control of their room. For even greater convenience, there are multiple keypads installed throughout the room.

Featured Products

• 3-Series® Room Media Controller RMC3

• 7" Touch Screen TSW-750

• infiNET EX® & ER Wireless Gateway CEN-RFGW-EX

• Cameo® Express Wireless In-Wall Dimmer CLW-DIMEX-230-E

• Cameo Wireless In-Wall ELV Dimmer CLW-DELVEX-P

• Cameo Wireless Keypad w/ infiNET EX INET-CBDEX-P

• Wireless Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor, infiNET EX, Battery Powered GLS-OIR-CSM-EX-BATT

• Crestron Drapery Track CCS-DRAPERY-TRACK

• Digital QMT® Shade Motor CSM-QMTDC-256-2-CN


Thanks to Crestron, the systems integrator, and the entire team at Le Mount Stephen Hotel, it was possible to create a hotel that embraces its rich history while standardizing on forward-thinking automation and control that delivers a world-class guest experience.

Crestron delivers a hotel that embraces its rich history while standardising on forward-thinking automation and control

Antoine Naoum, General Manager, Le Mount Stephen Hotel , Montreal

“Crestron technology is simple and easy to use. It allows guests of all ages to enjoy the benefits of advanced solutions without becoming overwhelmed by difficult features.

We chose to integrate Crestron technology throughout our hotel because of the premium levels of sophistication and efficiency that each custom solution brings to the space.”

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