While we can all imagine our ideal home, Luxavo has the power to make simple the things we never even dreamt of.

Luxavo’s intelligent design allows you to manage your light, sound, security, heating or any element through one hub. A Luxavo home is both practical and inspirational. It lets you manage climate and security controls easily, but it is also the platform behind some of the most awe-inspiring elements of any residence like a custom built home cinema with full WiFi connectivity.

In the bedroom, its light and sound management helps set the perfect mood for unwinding before sleep and for greeting each morning with energy. In a busy living area and kitchen, Luxavo is there to assist in every aspect of your day. In your multimedia or theatre room it has the ability to stir the senses in the most breathtaking of ways.

Luxavo gives you remote access at all times, for when you’re arriving home early and want to set the heating or for that panic ‘Did I leave the oven on?’ moment. Within a family home its intelligence allows you to keep track of all goings on, from controlling WiFi access in each room to something as simple as letting the kids know that dinner is ready.

A home is an extension of those who live in it. We eat, sleep, laugh and love, all within those walls. Our mission is to help create a home environment that is not just static but changes to suit your needs and aspirations. It is a home like no other.


Intelligent Buildings
50-56 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Unit 33 Brewery Business Park, Ardee Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth
Tel:  +353 1 9081202 ( Dublin Office )     Email: info@luxavo.ie

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